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Community Project (CP) Application Form

The Opeyemi Agbaje Institute (TOAI) vision is to be a catalyst for transformation of policy, governance and development in Ogun State, Nigeria, Africa. TOAI believes in giving back to its community and plans to do this by providing funding to local initiatives, working through communities on Community Projects, where our support will really make a difference in Ogun State. Our priorities are projects that impact many people and help the community people to live a better life. Please find below the guidelines for submission of a project application.

Applications are open from July, 2019 year, e.g. applications submitted in 2019 may receive a fully or partly funded project before the end of 2019 or 2020.

  1. Incomplete applications will not be considered
  2. Complete applications can be submitted via email to project@theopeyemiagbajeinstituteng.org
  3. TOAI will contact projects with a final decision 40 days after the submission of the Application.
  4. Any approved project is implemented and supervised by TOAI team only.
  5. TOAI funded project will be recorded and published on media networks

If applicants have additional questions or need more guidance after reviewing these guidelines, please contact: Gbemi on +234 813 830 9506 or project@theopeyemiagbajeinstituteng.org

Who is eligible to apply for Project OSEESE Community project?

  1. Notable group of individuals in a community, on behalf of the community.
  2. Registered association (skilled and unskilled) or cooperative.
  3. Locally run and community-based initiatives and organisations within Ogun State.
  4. Groups that have a proven track record of successful and impactful projects and activities any Community/LGA in Ogun State.
  5. We accept applications from previously abandoned projects and those projects that have been unsuccessful in the past

Who should not apply for Project OSEESE Community project?

  1. An individual person or families
  2. Projects that cannot provide a project budget breakdown detailing how and where the funds will be allocated
  3. Organisations / groups that are not in Ogun State.
  4. Governmental bodies.

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